Our Programs

Step Up For India has developed 4 programs to address gaps in basic English education for underserved children. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that we signed with the Department of Education, Government of Karnataka, mandates the implementation of our programs in all upper-primary government schools across Karnataka.

Remedial English Accelerated Program (REAP)

An accelerated, intensive, and effective government school teacher-taught program for students who need remedial assistance in the shortest possible time. REAP is offered in conjunction with Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP).

Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP)

A program that offers support for lower-primary government school teachers to build their English capacity and to improve their use of government textbooks. TEP is offered in conjunction with REAP.

Primary English Program (PEP)

A volunteer-taught program in urban-area government schools, primarily taught by corporate, college-student, and community volunteers.

Distance PEP

This is the digital version of PEP. It is remotely taught by
English-speaking volunteers to 4th– and 5th-grade students
in rural government schools that lack local English speaking
volunteers but have the infrastructure.

Core Strengths of Our Programs

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    Customized content designed to address the specific needs of children in government schools in a form that is non-alienating and familiar

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    Multi-sensory, interactive curriculum to build integrated skills that promote learning through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic stimuli

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    Content based on phonics along with local language support to enable students to learn the language in the shortest possible time

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    Learning methods and games devised to ensure student participation resulting in the improvement of their English language skills and build confidence to enable technology-based learning in higher grades

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    An outcome-based, scalable, and adaptable framework for any application

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    A modular structure with detailed lesson plans for every session that can be taught with minimal training by novice teachers

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    Measurable in key impact areas

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    Technology-based monitoring and class-progress tracking at the student-level on attendance and academic progress through a proprietary mobile-based and stand-alone application